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5 Benefits of Guard and Patrol Services

When it comes to keeping assets and properties safe, many people rely heavily on security guards. The level of security requirement may differ depending on several circumstances and the types of risks involved. For instance, a residential security officer may prefer a high-visibility patrol method, whereas a cash transport professional favours a covert operation.

In Peru, where armed robbery, assault, and burglary are among the top reported crimes, security companies have to innovate and strategise their services. Legion Global has integrated security services into personal and business lives to provide the protection that people need. As the country’s leading security provider, they have the knowledge, skills, and attitude necessary to prevail in life-threatening situations.

So why not prevent yourself from falling victim to a crime before it’s too late?

Here are five benefits of guard and patrol services and how it can make your life safer and more comfortable:

1. Help deter crimes

Security services ensure the safety of assets by implementing preventative measures. Security guards are highly trained professionals who are always on the lookout for possible threats in their immediate surroundings. A visible security guard, whether in a residential or business area, decreases the possibility of criminal and inappropriate activities. Improved visibility of uniformed personnel will make robbers or burglars think twice before they commit the act.

Patrolling guards, especially those in uniform, can be recognized from a distance and serve as a warning for any unwanted visitors scouting the area. Depending on the customer’s demand, patrol services may use a conspicuously marked vehicle or an unmarked patrol car for surveillance.

In a study conducted to test the efficacy of security guards in train stations in Great Britain, it was concluded that: “Preventative private policing in public spaces is causally linked to both reductions in the prevalence of victims as well as higher counts of offenders detected.” Based on the observations in the test, a visible security guard conveys a threat of immediate or close-to-immediate apprehension. Therefore, the more visible your guards are, the less likely criminals will target your location because of the increased risk of capture.

2. Provide a quick response time

A regular person may become paralyzed with fear when caught in a real-life crime scene. However, highly trained security personnel are sharp and can take quick action to minimize or avoid damage. Even in a simple argument between a cashier and a customer, someone must act immediately before a discussion turns into a fight.

Security officers are also trained in specialized tasks, such as emergency response and/or operating emergency equipment, performing first aid, and in handling firearms.

3. A heightened sense of security

A heightened sense of security in a company makes employees focus on their job and be more productive, resulting in a larger return on investment. It also encourages more customers to transact business with you, knowing that you are concerned about their safety, especially in businesses that sell high-value products.

In a residential area, it makes families feel safer and more comfortable, knowing that they are protected from potential crimes. Which is why security companies these days are more likely to employ somebody with experience in law enforcement or a notable background in the military.

4. Overall peace of mind

Security can mean checking who goes in and out of the area or simply monitoring video surveillance and alarm systems.

Whichever service you choose, it surely takes the security responsibilities off your shoulders so you can focus on other priorities.

In this fast-paced world where time is of the essence, people do not want to feel additional stress due to feeling unsafe. People can go on vacation at ease, knowing that their business or their residence is guarded against inherent risks. Thus, they can live happily and more worthwhile.

5. Reliable and cost-effective

Reliability comes with a company’s reputation and experience, whereas cost depends on their performance and the level of risk they are willing to take on the job.

Therefore, choosing the best guard and patrol services that give good value over the amount of financial, physical, and emotional security is important.

It is said that prevention is better than cure. If you own a company, you will be held accountable for any loss or damage when crimes happen in the establishment. This means that you will spend large sums of money for possible lawsuits, repairs, and other expenses which could have been avoided if you had implemented proper security measures preventing these unlawful actions from happening in the first place. Securing your resources ahead of time is a wise investment.

With Legion Global, you are guaranteed to work with highly qualified security officers who have a military background, specialised training, and at least 5 years experience in the security industry. Their services include Armed Security Personnel (Static Guard), Mobile Guard, Driver (PSD), Group Supervisor (TEAM), Platoon Leader, and Access Control. They can provide the right staff according to your security needs.

To know more about their services, send an email to servicios@grupo-legionglobal.com or contact them through WhatsApp: +51 920 596 744.

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